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Doug Hammack

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Are you truly ready to become the success you know you should be?

Let's face it; we are all here because we want to make things happen, not watch them happen. In order to make that come fruition, we have to change how we look at life.

Here is an idea that I have been ruminating on for the last week or so and it was so powerful, I wanted to share it with you

The Power of the Semicolon

Most people do not take the time to think about this, but those that do are the ones who truly succeed. I just want you to think about this one small idea and how powerful it can become in your life and business.

What is the semicolon? It is a pause in a sentence, a pause in thought to think about what was just written or said(internal monologue) and how it connects to the next thing that is written or said. It is the pause that I want to speak about here. In our very busy world, most people will not take the time to pause and reflect on what is happening. When most people pause, it is to do something else to forget about what is happening replacing with something that just seems fun. Not that there's anything wrong with fun, when it is not just an escape such as family time or experiencing new things.

What I am getting at here, is that there are things that most people find inconvenient to do because they interfere with their escape of reality. That best escape from reality, I believe, is to change your reality to a greater reality, not escape, but a change in your destiny. If you have the financial freedom to do all the things you have always wanted for your family, would you really need to escape? The answer would be no, because you would be living it. Truth is in order to have the things most people do not have, you to be willing to do things most people are unwilling to do, which is why we need to pause to leave room to listen to those who are dominating in whatever field you are in or skill you need to learn. Problem is most people try to bypass, not use the semicolon. They want to jump right to the chase without becoming the person they need to become to succeed.

This is a journey of success, not a destination, so take the time to listen for those winning ideas. There are times you are weary and struggling; take the time to listen to the successful and be inspired. What is it you struggle with doing? Maybe it is doing a press release like this? Listen and be inspired. Maybe it is doing a video? Watch some and be inspired (especially from those that are dominating in your field.) Maybe it is copywriting ads or emails, etc. Those are all skill sets that should be mastered but you have to keep trying. Pause and read from your mentors. Even IBO toolbox here, how many actual watched all of Kris’s video tutorials before diving in? That is a pause to learn. How many out there try to build the model car without reading the instructions. That is a pause.

There is so much noise out in our space, who are you learning from and are you really listening to them. It is more about learning and becoming the person of success than it is doing success.


If you haven’t seen it yet. Check out my story, my journey. It is not the only way, but it is a great path to success. I would love to share my three key principles with you as a gift.

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I hope this has inspired you to listen to whoever you choose as a mentor. Just know that you need one.

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Great Press Release. Thank you for sharingBob & Shirley Rushing