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Doug Hammack

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Are you looking for "a quick bite" or are you aware that you really need to "learn to cook"?

Along my journey, I have found many truths, but this one stands out as foundational to create long term success.


“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” - Chinese Proverb


There are many voices out there trying to lure you to their “done for you” system and people do make a little bit of money in these. They are “quick bites” They either don’t take work or they do take work that is hidden. Either way, many find themselves jumping from one program and to another hustling for the “quick bite” and there is nothing lasting in it. I would say, if the claim is you do not have to learn anything, beware. Truth is those in this quick mentality are not entrepreneurs.


On a quick note, this is what I like about IBO Toolbox. This is a great platform, yet it is made very clear that in order to get the most out of it, you need to learn to use this tool, thus, the marketingwithkris tutorials. Again this is just a tool, yet if you do not learn to use (master it), you are missing it’s full potential.


Many people short change themselves and find themselves not finding the success that they say they truly desire because they are unwilling to learn. I would go so far as to say, you need to master some skills: thus, those that “learn to cook” (mastering skills) are the ones that will truly succeed. We live in an instant food world where people take the easy road which in reality is actually the hard road. Interestingly enough the road that looks hard or at least harder is actually the road to the life you really want. The majority choose the easy road and they are the followers expecting things or waiting for things to happen to them, yet the problem is for all the wanting, it will not happen and this one life we are given is wasted.


There are the few of us who want so much more from life, but how much are we willing to learn. The problem is there is a lot want to be entrepreneurs who are unwilling to take the time to do the hard stuff, “learn to cook” (learn and master). By “Learning to Cook” you make yourself not only an expert but you will also not be dependent on any system or platform. You will become a true entrepreneur. One who has dug his own well and will feed for a lifetime.


There are places that we can learn quicker. They are called mentors. Entrepreneurs who have already “learned to cook” and can teach us. There are a few great ones and everybody needs one. Every true entrepreneur has a mentor and I am no exception. Not only have I found a mentor and would love to share some of the wisdom but I have found a newly upgraded entrepreneur educational platform to learn those lessons you need master, skills of “learning to cook”


If you want to find the true freedom to “eat for a lifetime” Check out my journey and get ready for this new platform for entrepreneurs that is about to launch this week with a bunch of free lessons and content. This is not a biz op, it is an educational opportunity to “learn to cook” the right way. Success will follow the master



Press Release comments:

That's a very good analogy, Doug. Back a few years ago it would have been easy to throw in the towel, but I stuck it out and learned to "cook"... now it's paying dividends!Greg Ray