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Doug Hammack

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All Traffic is not created equal

Hey fellow entrepreneurs,

I love this new traffic source and exchange I have found here at IBO toolbox. It is an awesome tool. There is a lot in here, if you have not gone through the marketingwithkris training. Do it all because it will help you to leverage this awesome platform. 

The secret here is do not do what most people do and try to short cut the learning that has to take place. If you already knew all you need to know, you would be running your own platform and someday you might, but until then learn all you can.

With this in mind, this platform is one of many tools that you need in order to succeed. There are no real short cuts other than learning from the successful and applying their principles to your business. I have learned to take from multiple sources to develop myself especially as well as the skill sets needed to be in control of my own business.

The link here leads to another such lesson from one of the most successful marketers in this space and the strategy to truly achieve full control of traffic and lead generation. One such nugget from this is not to depend on just one source of traffic. Some try to live solely on Facebook and then the algorithms change and the traffic source becomes difficult. It is still a source, but not necessarily the best source. THis source we are on needs to be apart of your arsenal, but you need to explore all of it including the recommended sources too. 

This is a journey that needs to be strategic if we are to be successful, so check out this link and watch the video till the end and considered how it applies to what you are doing now and what you can begin a new also.

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Press Release comments:

Thank you Doug for sharing your excitement with IBOTOOLBOX and taking us to your other tool that as you shared is a source of traffic. See you at the top.Wanda K Robinson