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Doug Hammack

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A message of Hope and Focus in a trying time

I want to send out to you a message that has come from my mentor that I myself totally agree with in the circumstance we ourselves today in our world today. This is a temporary disruption to normalcy but it will pass and we will endure. I wanted to share how to keep hope in this moment and I believe my friend it the nail on the head. so please read.

This too shall pass.

Instead of reacting like everybody else, we can respond and even do our part to help out:

1. Stop spreading fear.

2. Don't believe everything you see and hear in the media (their main focus is getting people's attention... and FEAR is their #1 weapon for that.)

Stop feeding your mind with the mass-media junk food menu.

It's poison and it will make you sick!

3. Start with taking care of yourself! Eat right, drink lots of water
(PH 9.5 would be ideal), hot tea with some lemon and ginger will help boost your immune system. Break a sweat through physical exercise, every day. Strong immune system is the best vaccine in the world!

4. Take care of your MIND! Healthy mind = healthy body.

Get away from fear-minded people and get closer to those focused on what's right, what's good, where they're going, and what they're doing to make things better! What you focus on expands, especially in your mind!

Heck, maybe you can be the initiator of this idea yourself! :-)

5. Do the common sense stuff - wash your hands often, stay away from large gatherings and public places as much as possible, etc.. and get your loved ones to do the same.

6. If you need to store up some basic necessities and food - do so without panic or making a "big deal" out of it. Perception is reality.

If in your head, you're rushing and going crazy like everybody else, this hysteria will mess you up emotionally (and physically).

7. Entrepreneurs - put blinders on and double down on YOUR VISION!

We've got better things to do and focus on!

Don't let this hysteria mess with your head and de-rail you in your actions.

While the masses are glued to their TVs, news, and "the world is ending" craze - you rise above all that. Focus on solutions, not problems.

If your struggling, or just want to comment, Please email me at doug@buildyoursuccesswithdoug.com

Your future is closer than you think


Press Release comments:

A timely article Doug! Indeed this is no time to panic. The common sense activities you outline are the answer. This too shall pass!Grant Rayner