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Dorothy Neddermeyer

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Thoughts That Keep you Stuck - Break Free

You know how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be to watch someone you love struggle through life when you know they have the power to make things better.

You can see it, but for some reason, they don’t recognize it.

The reason is simple…

As human beings, we've learned to tolerate the current circumstances (as painful as it might be) because doing things differently requires change, which can seem scary. Or the wherewithal in your maturation years was nonexistent. And the pattern was carried into adult life, because if it worked then it 'should' work now.  

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself.

For example, do you tolerate discomfort when it comes to your time and money freedom?

Many people do. We accept the financial situation that we’re in, either because we assume that it’s too difficult to make a change, or we simply don’t believe we can change it.  I hear the laments and worry frequently. Yet, 'When there is a will there is a way'. You simply need to think outside the confines of your current beliefs.

Beliefs that keep you stuck:

  • You need to be perfect. ...
  • Your dreams are unreachable. 
  • You feel obligated to spend time with certain people. 
  • You think you stick out. 
  • You play too many parts. 
  • You have too many five-year plans. 
  • You have to make too many people happy. 
  • You have too much routine in your life.
  • You don’t cut yourself any slack. 
  • You have to keep up appearances. 
  • You think you need to go it alone. 
  • Your expectations of yourself are greater than necessary. 

If you know deep down that there is more… that you desire and deserve more…

I can assist you! That’s the reason I’m writing this gentle reminder to give yourself the tools and mental/emotional shifts that will propel you to achieve your goals and financial freedom.

In this practical, action-oriented process, you’ll discover:

  • The reason the ways that most people approach life and goal setting actually backfires and repels abundance… making it impossible to achieve greater success

  • How to utilize “The Baby Learning” principle (you are born with it) to access the greater power that’s already within you

  • The 3 secrets that prosperous people use to invite abundance opportunities (you can start applying these today)

  • A proven system to help you break free of the hidden abundance blocks that are limiting your freedom

Firstly, you need to discover what your hidden abundance blocks are. 

Secondly, until now, you’ve tolerated the beliefs, thoughts, and fears that are blocking your abundance and limiting your success.

Thirdly, you have the choice to free yourself. Allow me to assist you to do it. Save your spot Calendar --https://dorothyned.appointy.com/

To greater abundance.  I look forward to working with you. 

Press Release comments:

Your articles always make for insightful and fascinating reading Dorothy; essential reading in fact for knowing ourselves and better interacting with the world at large. A really educational read.Tom Riach

Yes Dorothy an excellent PR. To read and digest. This effects the majority of us I think.Like your 3 key points at the end of the excellent content.Tony Mallins

Thanks Dorthy, While it's true that routine brings results, it can also turn into a rut that's easy to get stuck in! I've been there!! How are you liking appointy.com? Later, BBruce Fanning

Dorothy your press release was very interesting. But at times the best learning is our mistakes.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

I believe at some point in everyone's life they experience one of the bullet points you give above.

Self help can only take a person so far. At some point they need to reach out to someone who understands how to make the blocks go away.
Dennis Thorgesen

Back top Dorothy for this important piece of work. People's own minds are indeed their greatest barrier to success - it's ok to change your mind!Tom Riach