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Dorothy Neddermeyer

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Self-Confidence Tips To Maintain Balance

Sometimes it seems that everything is pulling you in different directions at once. Your sense of what you thought your life would be like and what you are experiencing might leave you feeling confused and off-balance.

This feeling of confusion and being off-balance may stem from having not clearly defined what you want for your life. You need to stop and spend time to focus on what you truly want for yourself--your desires.

Take time each day to enter into a state of calmness and center your thoughts for ten minutes. Writing your thoughts in a free-writing style is very powerful. Simply write your ideas/thoughts without editing, censoring or stopping. Simply write whatever comes to mind, even if it does not seem clear at first glance. This writing style will assist you to put your scattered thoughts into form. Then, read your writing and see if a pattern comes to light. This is an effective way to access your deepest wisdom about yourself and what you desire.

Recently, the word, 'champion,' emerged in my writing. At first glance, it seemed out of place and irrelevant to my current desires. Upon closer contemplation, a thought process emerged. I needed to 'champion' myself more frequently. I need to 'champion' myself the same way, I 'champion' others. Since I began 'championing' myself more frequently, I notice I am engaging in routine tasks and taking on challenges with more enthusiasm, energy, and conviction.

Allowing your thoughts to flow freely is a powerful tool to find the root issue that needs to be processed in order to bring yourself back into balance. Putting a firm grip on the flow of your thoughts when you are feeling off-balance or distracted will strengthen your ability to concentrate. When you become highly focused on your feelings about the stream of ideas rather than your thoughts that created the feelings, you will feel more off balance.

Through a free-writing style, you can tap into your subconscious mind to get a clearer picture of your current thoughts and doings. Allowing your thoughts to flow freely means that you learn what you really need or want. You need to free yourself from judgment or criticism, which gives you a greater sense of purpose. Giving yourself permission to be in touch with what you truly want in life will lessen your confusion and help you create the direction you desire to go.  

Stay Strong. Stay Focused. Stay Calm.  All is in the right order for your personal and professional development.  

I wish you well on your journey. 

About Dr. Dorothy:  

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., International Best Selling Author is a recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential, as a successful influencer in the public and private sectors. As a consultant, coach, and keynote speaker, she brings 30 plus years of global experience to leadership development, behavioral change, and human potential.

Press Release comments:

Staying calm and championing yourself seems like pretty sound guidance to me Dorothy. I hope that your many other readers get the message and share that opinion. They'll be the better for it for sure.Tom Riach

Mine certainly can scatter quickly. On the other hand, a firm foundation is there...thank goodness for the nuns. But your thoughts about balance is well delivered and concise. This is really an important issue, especially now as alone time seems to prevail. For me, champion can mean something quite different probably from your definition.As I think sports. But that's a great term to think about in conquering the self and finding that sometimes elusive balance. Thank you...much appreciated.Francis Cassady

Thanks for sharingRichard Millner