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Dorothy Neddermeyer

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Life Mastery Foundation -

Life Mastery Foundation 

Life Mastery Foundation welcomed Dr. Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. as a presenter for Holistic Health and Management/Business Development.

Our mission is to help progress the human race through virtual education.

We believe there are 7 core disciplines that are the foundation of life - emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, financial, relational and industrial.

We believe that the best way to build this foundation is to progress in all 7 of the core disciplines at least 1% every single day.

We facilitate this progression by putting on free virtual summits featuring people who are experts in one domain that falls within a specific discipline.

By helping enough people build their foundation and get a little bit better every single day, we can move humanity forward.

Elite Problem Solving

We take our problems into our own hands, solving them on our own by taking massive action and only asking for help in order to most effectively solve our problems.

Complete Honesty

We tell the complete and 100% accurate truth and nothing but; this includes never telling half-truths, sugarcoating a problem, or avoiding difficult conversations.

The Optimal Path

We always take the most efficient and effective path forward no matter how difficult it is, never procrastinating or taking shortcuts.

Full Responsibility

We take full responsibility for our errors and do everything in our power to correct the mistakes we make, even if it is tough to own up to them.

About Dr. Dorothy:

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. is a successful influencer in the public and private sectors.  As a consultant, coach, and keynote speaker, she brings 30 plus years of global experience to leadership development, behavioral change, and human potential. 

Dr. Dorothy is passionate about developing great leaders. She works with senior and emerging executives to amplify their leadership skills and drive viable/sustainable organizations with relevant, adaptable, centered and authentic skills.

Her areas of expertise: Leadership/Sales Development, Behavioral Change, Business Strategy, Communication Skills, Diversity Coaching, C-Suite, Senior and High Potential Candidates. 

Those who experience her presentations are drawn to her dynamic personality, hard-working values, tenacity, and accomplishments.

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