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Dorothy Neddermeyer

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Creating Financial Freedom - Easier Than You Think

Many people are reluctant to acknowledge that they wish they had more money. I (we) have enough to 'get by'. But, what does 'get by' mean--thousands in debt and enough food on the table?  

Many people think that it’s selfish, greedy or unspiritual to have financial freedom… but is it really?  Who decided poverty or near poverty was a badge of honor? 

What if you desire more money so you could:

  • Purchase a home in a neighborhood with excellent schools for your children… would that be selfish?

  • Retire early and spend more time with your grandchildren… would that be greedy?

  • Make a significant donation to local or national charities… would that be unspiritual?

Of course not! Money simply makes it easier to be, do, have what you deserve and desire and give to others.  

If you are ready or want to gather information to experience more joy, fulfillment, time and money freedom, contact me for a FREE, no-obligation survey to discover what is holding you back. 

During this survey, you’ll discover:

  • Why the way you approach life and goal setting actually backfires and blocks abundance… making it impossible to achieve greater success (and even trapping you in lack and scarcity)

  • The three most common abundance blocks, how they affect your ability to achieve your goals and how to overcome them

  • The secrets that successful people use to attract more abundance opportunities (you can start applying these today)

PLUS… I’ll share the personal, powerful tools that I use to stay focused on my goals. You can use these immediately to align yourself with the vibration of abundance.

If you desire to know how to create more financial abundance and time freedom to do more of what you love this FREE consultation is for you. 

Many people stay trapped at a certain level of success, unable to climb higher and experience more success because they don’t know how to remove their abundance blocks (most people don't know these blocks exist).

But you have a different choice. Contact me to discover how to liberate yourself… and experience any level of time and money freedom you desire to create.

Contact me:  drdorothy@drdorothy.net 

This survey isn't a one size fits all.  Your answers to the questions give you a roadmap to create your financial freedom. I interpret your answers to draw the roadmap. It is easy to do, enlightening and fun. And yes, creating your financial freedom is easier than you think when you can see your specific roadmap versus using the roadmap someone wants to convince you to use.  

So if you are ready to experience the joy, fulfillment, time and money freedom contact me for your FREE, no-obligation survey on what is holding you back. It is only 30-minutes of your time. 

I am here only to be truly helpful. I look forward to helping you create your financial freedom roadmap.  It is never too late or too soon. 

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