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Dorothy Neddermeyer

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Are You Stretching Yourself Beyond Your Imagination

You probably have heard many people and/or yourself say, "That is beyond the stretch of the imagination." This statement begs the question, 'Does imagination have limits?'  And if so, who had the authority to set the limit and what prompted you to set a limit? 

Truly the stretch of the imagination is what life is about. 

Stretching one's imagination, wisdom, and vision beyond one's self-imposed limit may seem like the negative side of life.

What if those negative times in your life have been the best times ever!  Yes, negative times are challenging. Yes, you might wonder..."Why did this happen to me? 

However, looking beyond the trauma of the experience or the relationship or the event, and see, what did I learn from the ‘happening” that it showed me? Maybe it showed you that you have inner wisdom beyond 'your imagination'. Maybe it showed you that you have more inner strength and courage than you imagine.

More times than not, the so-called negative experiences are your opportunities to grow and move beyond the past experiences that may no longer serve you.

What imagination, wisdom, talent, strength, courage or experience do you desire to create.  

I support you to have the life you deserve and so desire to live. I can assist you to learn how to ...LIBERATE YOUR LIFE BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION!

I offer a 20-minute FREE no-obligation conversation to answer your questions and to explain how the process works. I look forward to speaking with you. https://drdorothy.net 

Press Release comments:

Limits are only set by one`s mindset! A minute few will never place limits while the majority seem to place limits on themselves. Thanks for sharing Dr. D!!Spencer Taylor Jr