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What Is The Free Lead System? A Free Lead System That's Free Forever

The Free Lead System provides you with a platform that includes a lead capture page to collect leads, a contact manager to view those leads, and an autoresponder series to promote your primary business to your leads. Keep reading for more on what the Free Lead System offers.

A Free Autoresponder Email Series That Promotes Your Primary Business

When a subscriber signs up, the system sends an email series to promote your primary business. You don't need to copy and paste. Just enter your  business's URL in the space provided.

Professional Lead Capture Pages

You can pay up to $100 per month for professional lead capture pages. The Power Lead System's Free Lead System supplies you with a professional lead capture page for free. And, the copywriting on the lead capture page is written by experts. There's no need to do split testing. These lead capture pages convert.

Professional Contact Manager

After you have collected your leads, you can add notes to the contact manager. Examples of this could include friending your leads on Facebook and adding extra details. The contact manager lets you track who is clicking the links in your emails which gives you feedback on the success of your offer.

Build Your List By Giving Away The Free Lead System

Giving this system away is the ultimate lead magnet. It's not an introductory eBook, but online software that is essential for running an online business. This is the tool you can use to build your email list without getting lost in the technology. They have simplified things to a few easy clicks.

How To Promote Your Business Online and Offline

The Free Lead System includes a section on promotions. This includes short promotional texts, email swipes, banners, and recommended places to promote. You are provided with a referral link. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't permit affiliate links. The way around this is to create a short blog or splashpage promoting your business.

Offline promotional methods are listed but unless you are attending a network marketing event, your efforts won't be targeted.  

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Training on lead generation is offered as well, on topics that include, Facebook, Solo ads and YouTube.

How To Earn Income From The System Besides Promoting Your Primary Business

The Power Lead System's Free Lead System provides a ton of value at whatever level you join, whether you remain a free member promoting your primary business or look at what else they offer at other levels. This is an opportunity not to be missed as it was founded by top network marketing professionals, who run the organization today. Get started with your free lead system, now.

Press Release comments:

Nice bro!James Wayne

Thank you Dominic, the problem I felt was I am spending all this time promoting this free leads system and not my business. Getting people to sign up for it free. Than I realized I was looking at it wrong. Its leads that I could use for my business once I get the leads and become friends and find out if what I have fits for them. So yeah it works when done right. See you at the top.Wanda K Robinson