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Solo Ad List Building – I Recommend Udimi

Solo ads are one of the easiest marketing methods that online marketers use for list building. When it comes to buying solo ads internet marketers have a few choices. 

They can take their chances with solo ad vendors on Facebook and rely on solo ad testimonials to help steer them in the right direction.

Or they can opt for word-of-mouth referrals to independent solo ad vendors. But the best platform I have found for solo ad list building is Udimi

The reason for this is that everything is regulated.For those who don’t know what a solo ad is let’s explore what solo ads are and how solo ads are ordered.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are email ads. A solo ad vendor sells email ads because they want to earn an income from their email list. 

The buyer or customer wants to buy solo ads because they want to grow their email subscriber list, who will hopefully buy the products that they promote to their newly formed email list.

Before You Buy A Solo Ad

Before a buyer can buy a solo ad, they need to have set up a landing page or squeeze page. (This is a page to offer an offer to the email subscribers to get them to enter their email address.)

You Need an Autoresponder To Host Your Leads

Not only do you need a squeeze page but you need to connect your squeeze page to an autoresponder to host your leads. The autoresponder does a few things. 

It provides the contact fields for your subscribers to enter their contact details into your squeeze page, it hosts the leads, and it gives you the ability to send emails to your leads. 

If you need a squeeze page or contact form and you don’t have a website, and you’re low on cash, the best thing to do is sign up with GetResponse and use one of their free contact forms and let GetResponse host it for you. It’s free. 

All that you need to pay for is the autoresponder, which is free for the first 30 days, then $15 per month to host your first 1000 subscribers.If you’re an affiliate marketer, you need to be selective about which autoresponder you choose. 

If you start sending affiliate marketing emails to your subscribers, autoresponders like MailChimp will shut your account down and you will lose access to your subscribers.

The best autoresponders for affiliate marketers are GetResponse, Aweber, and Sendlane. I was with Aweber, but I switched to GetResponse who are cheaper and their site navigation, I find is the best.

Not only that, they have online chat if you need an instant response from a real person. You don’t need to stay with the same autoresponder for life, you can build smaller lists on different autoresponders. 

Try all 3 autoresponders to see which you like best. The only problem is if you find one you don’t like it can be difficult to import subscribers to a different autoresponder as you need to prove that you didn’t buy or rent an email list. 

It is unwise to buy or rent email lists as when you email them you will be spamming them because they didn’t opt in to receive emails from you.

The next best thing to buying an email list is to use an email lead generation system called My Lead Gen Secret. With My Lead Gen Secretyou are billed monthly and every day you receive 100 subscribers to email your affiliate offer. 

It is like having your own email list.The subscribers are people that are opportunity seeker leads who have opted in to receive more information about business opportunities. If you email them about your business opportunities that is exactly what they opted in to receive. 

Getting Prospects To Subscribe

What should you offer your potential subscribers? Most professional internet marketers agree that you should offer a lead magnet. 

This can either be an eBook, a checklist, or a video series made by you. But using a cheap or free eBook won’t cut it. It needs to be unique, or people can search the web for it and get it elsewhere.GetResponse also offers a free 90 day course (banner in sidebar) that teaches you how to create a lead magnet and as well as building a responsive email list. 

They then either submit an email swipe (email) and link to their squeeze page within the email swipe, or they submit their squeeze page link and leave the solo ad vendor to write the email swipe.  But it is advisable that if you want to warm the email subscribers up to buy the product you are promoting it is better to write your own swipe.

Buying a Solo Ad

To buy your first solo ad click on ‘Find Sellers’. At the top of the screen there is a chart with several categories.Visitors is the first category. 

Most internet marketing teachers suggest starting small. The minimum for most solo ad sellers is 50 visitors. But most internet marketing teachers advise to order no less than 100 clicks.

Price is the next category. You can pay up to $0.95 per click for premium clicks. To begin with it’s best to stick with no more than $0.50 per click.

Niche is next. Read my blog post on how to select a niche and offer on Clickbank. If you’ve chosen a niche on Clickbank and have followed my recommendation to promote a Bizopp product. 

Then select ‘Marketing’. Udimi doesn’t have a Bizopp category, but Marketing covers all marketing topics.Ratings. 

I think that sellers with the most ratings are best. This indicates 2 things. They serve good traffic and people are return customers. Select 500+. 

This will whittle down the number of sellers to less than 24 but we will have the best sellers to choose from.Got Sales is the next category. Again, more is better. 

But now you have less than 2 sellers to choose from.I recommend Sarah Chew. Sarah has consistently been easy to deal with and delivers 80-100% Tier One traffic and is used by the super affiliate Ewen Chia. 

She gets sales for her customers over 30% of the time, which means that now Sarah is one of the top solo ad sellers on Udimi. If you don’t want to choose your own solo ad seller, just search for Sarah Chew.

How Are Solo Ads Ordered?

Solo Ad vendors firstly attract buyers according to what niche they specialize in. 

The most popular niche is generally the make money online or affiliate marketing niche. Solo ads are sold according to two metrics. 

What country the email subscribers live in and how many clicks the buyer wants to buy.Email subscribers who live in Tier One countries; these being people who live in the 5 top tier countries; United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Other people add to this group, South Africa, and Ireland.You don’t have to buy solo ads from vendors who have email subscribers from the top tier countries, but most marketers look for this as the people from these countries are the wealthiest. 

But people in tier two countries probably have purchasing power as well if they are on the vendor’s email list.When it comes to selling clicks, most solo ad sellers won’t sell less than 50 clicks, about USD$25, others won’t sell less than 100 clicks. 

The maximum for most sellers is about 1000 clicks. How to buy a solo ad on Udimivideo.

Getting Your Solo Ad Approved

After buying your solo ad the seller needs to approve your request. This is to ensure that your ad will be suitable for their list, and to make sure that you are using a landing page.

If you direct link to an affiliate product the results will be negative for both you and the solo ad vendor. You may report you didn’t get any sales and your opt in rate will be negative.

Solo ad sellers are assessed on whether they are successful by the percentage of buyers who got sales but of almost equal importance how many solo ads they sold, and the buyer’s opt in rate.

The Clicks Are Coming

Once you start receiving clicks, a percentage of these clicks will be opting into your email list. Not everyone that clicks your ad will opt in. 

They are real human visitors making choices whether they like your offer or not.The number (percentage) of people that opt in is the opt in rate. 

A 30% opt in rate is good, anything around 40 – 50% is very good, and above 50% is excellent. It all depends upon your offer, the solo ads list, and the day.If the list has received a lot of offers like yours it is likely they will not opt in. Some people are internet marketers who do it full-time, others have jobs. 

Different days are better than others. Some people think Sunday is the best day to send solo ads because the theory is, they must go to their job the next day which they hate. It all depends on what the subscriber thinks and feels.

The Udimi System – Getting You The Best Quality Traffic

Solo ad vendors must abide by the rules and deliver quality visitors. The system uses a filter to check every visitor to make sure they are real human visitors. 

Not only that a solo vendor with a small list cannot sell 1000 clicks if they only have a list of 100 subscribers. This is because every click must be unique. 

The solo ad vendor’s subscribers can’t click the solo ad 10 times to make up 1000 clicks.Among solo vendors it is common to overdeliver, which means that they give you 10% more visitors. 

This is a bonus and the more clicks you buy the bigger the overdelivery. For example, if you buy 1000 clicks/visitor you could get 100 extra visitors. 

This is like getting a free solo ad.Once your solo ad has been delivered you are asked to rate the performance of your solo ad. Most people generally thank the solo ad seller, add their opt in rate, and whether they received any sales.


If you are new to affiliate marketing, I recommend building your list with My Lead Gen Secret as for a small fee you can grow a large list without investing $100’s into solo ads, a website or squeeze page creator, and an autoresponder. 

Yes, My Lead Gen Secret provides you with an autoresponder to email your leads as well as analytics.But if you prefer to build your list yourself and want to own an email list, then as I have recommended it is best to sign up with GetResponse or the autoresponder of your choice and make use of Udimi.

Udimi is the best platform to buy solo ads from as the both the buyers and sellers must abide by rules to protect both parties from shady tactics. The seller has a platform to receive payment from and the buyer receives quality traffic, and the possibility to receive more sales.

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