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Making Market Research Pay

Not long ago I was invited to participate in some market research. It was a study investigating what drinks people consume. It was a 5 day study and required that I complete a drink diary. Many people might say 5 days, that's a long time. But what I was doing is what many people on social media already do for free or for likes.

The study required me to take a photo of the drinks I was consuming every day and then participate in a short two minute survey after photographing my drink. You wouldn't believe this but for completing the drink study they sent me a $50 eVoucher with a choice of many retailers. My family didn't believe that it was legit, but it is and I received the voucher a few days ago.

But this isn't the first time I have made money with market research. I have completed 3 hour surveys that also paid well. To be successful with market research it is a matter of signing up with the right companies.

Another tip is that you shouldn't expect to make the 'big' money right of the bat. Some market research companies that pay cash per profile category completed, but most companies will begin by offering you low payments per survey. This is understandable, an analogy of this is, if you have never driven a car before it is unlikely that you will drop your life savings into a Ferrari. It is likely that you will buy a second hand car to get a feel for driving.

The market research companies need to get some facts on how you answer surveys. Do you take the time to read questions and understand them? Are your answers short and often only one word? Or are you descriptive and thoughtful with your answers? Do you complete a few surveys a week or one every 6 months? Are you reliable? Do you complete surveys on time?

These are all questions that market research companies consider when you are a member of their community.

Some people think surveys are targeted at women only. This has some weight to it, but they need men's opinions too. I have completed many surveys on alcoholic drinks, financial products, and product that are new on the market. It is true that women are expert shoppers, but most women don't drink beer or don't eat certain snacks, nor do they use male grooming products.

Some survey portals target people in the United States as it has a large consumer base and many corporations that will to pay top dollar for market research. But even if you live in other countries there are other alternatives. What product am I talking about?

Take Surveys For Cash. Take Surveys For Cash is one of the best ways to get started with market research. If you're new to market research they show you the best way to get started earning, whatever country you are in. An added bonus is when you buy the upsell not only do you get the benefits of the lucrative extra information but they will pay you $50 after you have completed your first survey.

Get started with Take Surveys For Cash and start earning some extra cash. Within this Press Release I have let the cat out of the bag on how to be successful with market research and have told you about the best survey portal to invest in. To get started with your Take Surveys For Cash membership it is a one-time payment. You pay once and you never pay again and you have access forever.

Press Release comments:

What an unique way to money. Getting paid to do what you do anyway. I will share thisMicky Gramlin

Interesting idea to get people to use and post result, someone was thinking. Thank you for sharing and glad to hear it worked. See you at the top. Sending you a like.Wanda K Robinson

Sounds like a great way to make some extra money. No need to advertise or sell things, just participate and get paid. Thanks for letting us know about this, Dominic.John Kespert

Excellent post; thanks Dominic for sharing your thoughts and experiences on paid market researches ~ blessings and continued success in all your endeavors!Velma Joseph

Cool! I find this interesting reading Mr.Goss Its one I share so more can read. Success!Sig Skeie