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Lunch Time

At lunch today, I couldn’t decide whether to make a falafel or have a ham sandwich. I decided on the ham sandwich. I’m cutting down on fried foods. The ham is called Gypsy Ham. I still haven’t worked out why they call it Gypsy Ham. It’s one of the most expensive hams you can buy at the delicatessen, at the market. I also bought some grilled artichokes. The best grilled artichokes I've had for a long time.

When I used to buy artichokes from the supermarket, they were preserved in a mix of water and vegetable oil. But the market ones (believe it or not you pay less at the market) use olive oil. And the artichokes are grilled, slightly charred.

The sandwich I made was much better than any sandwich I have ever bought. Except when I was a young lad, my parents used to buy sandwiches from the local delicatessen with pastrami or prosciutto with either swiss cheese or some other cheese with artichokes and salad mix. I must have drunk a few to many beers in my 20s to remember, but they were good sandwiches.

As with most things if you make or do it yourself the result is much better than whatever you can buy elsewhere. You appreciate it more. But only if you know what you're doing.

It's a bit like that with affiliate marketing. If you build a funnel or write an email sequence yourself and it converts. You think you've done a good job. But you can only do this if you know what you're doing.

If you don't you find yourself copying and pasting from email swipes and other people's squeeze pages to either make your own squeeze pages or send an email. But the thing is, it never converts as well as the professionals.

I was in this position about a month ago. I was looking for a product to promote. (I usually buy the product before I promote it). And I found this product called 12 Minute Affiliate.

I wanted a product that wasn't high ticket because my list doesn't appear to be interested in high ticket offers. I went through the funnel and picked up the offer to 3 X my results (A good product) and paid my trial offer payment. Fair price only $9.95 to get started for 7 days.

I followed their instructions and set up my business. Easy enough. They show you step by step with videos. I like to learn as much about a product as possible, so I watched the videos in the 'Education Section' as well.

What I was looking for before I signed up, was a product that worked. That's what everyone wants to know before they buy a make money online product. Does it work for the average person who's not a super affiliate?

Next, I bought some traffic through their traffic buying system.

Within about a week the traffic was delivered. I got 38 subscribers. And yes, one sale. Someone bought a product, and I earned a $71 commission.

Finally, an affiliate marketing product that is Done for You and converts. It works.

To read more about my experience with 12 Minute Affiliate, read my blog post where I share more about 12 Minute affiliate.

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Terrance Collins

Great Press Release. Thank you for sharing Keep up the good work!Bob & Shirley Rushing

Love to hear about IMers doing well on a campaign, as I believe you had done with this one. There's nothing like some success to provide further impetus and propel you ahead. But nice work, thank you for sharing.Francis Cassady

great PR Dominic, glad you found something that resonates with you and thanks for sharingMike Duncan