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Do You Want To Stop Wasting Time And Losing Money

Do you want to make sales?  

Before you can make sales you need to build trust.

And to build trust it takes time.

The vehicle to do this is an email list. Building an email list can take time.

But what if I could offer you a method to help you build it fast?

Would you be interested?

This is the way it works...

Let's say you refer your friend named “Steve.”

..With me so far?

Okay good!

Steve gets his own website just like yours.

And when HE starts getting sign ups to his site

...YOU “feed” off of him (in a good way, nothing like a zombie way).

And that's because YOU get his first 5 signups As your subs. ...Get it?

After that you earn 10% of all of Steve's leads for life.

So let's say he refers 10 sign ups on average per day.That's 1 new hot lead per day for you.

If he signs up 1,000 people, that's 100 new leads for you...

But for you, they're coming in on total AUTOPILOT because Bob is doing the referring.

Like I said, brilliant!

That doesn't mean you sit on your duff obviously....

You still wanna follow the Action Steps inside your member area...

...to EXPLODE your results and get as many action takers “under you” as possible.

So take action and reap the rewards!

Listen, I've tried "it all" online but 5iphon is on another level.

Not only can it add 1000's of warm-blooded emails to your list-on AUTOPILOT

...It can also stuff your account with up to $300+daily...with ZERO extra work.

But does it really, truly work?! The answer is a resounding "YES.

"One of our students made $11,000 in ONE month using 5iphon while getting
thousands of hot leads...and there are many just like him...

So take action and reap the rewards!

Get Started!

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