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The best weight loss treatment facility in NY

If you need a life-changing weight loss which does not require any form of surgery then the best facility in NY is Triborough GI Gastroenterology which has gastric balloon weight loss treatment. The reshape balloon weight loss treatment is non-surgical where the doctor will gently insert the balloons through the mouth where there are no incisions or scars. It is a non-anatomical altering form of procedure were unlike the weight loss surgeries, the ReShape methodology is not a permanent implant and it does not permanently reroute your digestive system. The insertion of the balloons is completed in about 20 minutes where there is no hospital stay required. One can get in and out of the weight loss procedure.

The ReShape methodology is proven to achieve a significant weight loss wherein the recent study; the patients lost more than twice as much weight with the ReShape weight loss procedure of the balloon than with the diet and exercise alone. Most of these patients keep the weight off or continue to lose weight even after those balloons are removed. The two balloons are filled up with the saline and are placed temporarily inside the stomach in order to help one feel less hungry and also so that one can feel satisfied with smaller portions.  

Making an appointment with Triborough GI Gastroenterology is simple where the facility will answer any of the questions which one may have about the procedure and will also help schedule an appointment with Dr Grosman and Dr Brun. Dr Grosman and Dr Brun will also provide an overall view of the procedure and answer any of the additional questions.

If you want to reduce weight in an ample manner through the Reshape balloon weight loss procedure then Triborough GI Gastroenterology is the best.

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