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What Chemotherapy is Used for

Dr. Gregory Echt points out the various uses of chemotherapy

Decatur, TX, June 27, 2018 – Whenever anyone mentions cancer treatment the first thing that comes to mind is chemotherapy. It stands out as the most commonly mentioned treatment for different types of cancer. It can be described as a process through which certain drugs are introduced into the body with the aim of combating cancer cells in the body. The medication works throughout the body, including on those areas that have no cancer. This may affect other healthy cells that grow fast such as hair, nails, and skin cells. This explains why most of the side effects are present in these particular organs. Side effects include hair loss, dry and sensitive skin, rash, and weak nails. Patients feel much better after treatment is complete.

“Doctors recommend chemotherapy for various reasons, all of which are aimed at helping eliminate the cancer,” says Dr. Echt. “It is important for patients to understand why their doctor prescribed a particular form of treatment so they know what to expect and be able to manage their expectations.”

Chemotherapy is usually used in conjunction with other cancer therapies to get the best results. It is administered in cycles so that the patient can get some rest in between treatment sessions and develop healthy cells. This treatment is used to accomplish the following:

•    Cure – This is usually the expectation of patients. Chemotherapy can completely eradicate cancer cells, such that further tests show no more cancer cells. However, this does not always occur as cancer cells can resurface later on. It, however, remains the ideal scenario.

•    Control – Some cancers can be aggressive and need to be stopped from spreading to other organsor at least be slowed down. Chemotherapy is able to accomplish this.

•    Ease symptoms – Some tumors are so widespread and are causing excessive discomfort to the patient. The doctor woulday suggest chemotherapy as a way to reduce the pain and pressure these tumors might be causing.

“Doctors will always suggest the best possible treatment avenue for each patient depending on test results. Chemotherapy is only one of several options,” adds Dr. Echt.

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