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Ways to Detect Breast Cancer Early

Dr. Gregory Echt explains how people can detect breast cancer early.

Decatur, TX – November 29, 2019Early detection of breast cancer is the most effective way to reduce the number of breast cancer-related deaths. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women. This number increases every year. Before, breast cancer screening was only advised for women aged 35 and above. However, women in their twenties are advised to go for breast cancer screening. Breast cancer awareness can put many of your worries to rest, especially if you are in your reproductive years.

“Women of all ages need to have their breasts examined,” says Dr. Echt. “This could be the best decision they make for their families and, most importantly, themselves. This decision could save their lives.”

This is how one can detect breast cancer:

• Self –examination - This is not the most accurate way to tell if one has breast cancer, but it is a start. Regular self- examinations are useful. Consult your doctor on how you should perform this by yourself or ask your doctor to do it. If you decide to do it on your own, check for tenderness of the breast, and if you have an inverted nipple, also look out for lumps, which are hard masses hidden in the breast tissue.

• Mammograms – This is the surest way of detecting whether you have cancerous tumors in your body or not. X-rays are emitted through a machine which illuminates the malignant tumor.

• Regular check-ups - This is important, especially if you are at risk of developing breast cancer. These factors are family history and lifestyle choices.

“Examining yourself regularly could be beneficial in learning how to check for lumps.” says Dr. Echt.“Most women complain they cannot do it right. Just relax and take your time. It saves you a trip to the doctor.”

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