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Understanding the Prevention Colon Cancer

Dr. Gregory Echt, M.D.explains the various ways of preventing colon cancer.

Decatur, TX, Mar 25, 2019- In most cases, colorectal cancer is viewed as a disease of older people and not the young. But the statistics of the past two decades indicate that the incidence and mortality rate of colorectal cancer have significantly increased in young people of 20 – 49 years. Due to this uptick, the American Cancer Society is recommending routine screening for colorectal cancer to start at age 45 and not age 50.

The rise in colorectal cancer cases in young people is alarming,” explained Dr. Gregory Echt. “This increase has been attributed to the rising rates of obesity and dietary trends, calling for a need for preventive measures to curb this disease.”

The following some steps that can help in preventing colorectal cancer:

•    Screening – Regular screening tests can help patients to protect themselves from colorectal cancer. The screening will catch the disease early when it can be cured and prevented. There are several screening tests for colon cancer including fecal occult blood tests, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, and virtual colonoscopy.

•    Maintaining a healthy weight – Being overweight raises one’s overall risk of cancer. Most cancers are linked to obesity and weight gain. Avoid gaining weight, and if you are already overweight, work to shed off some pounds.

•    Quit smoking – Smoking is a causal factor for 14 types of cancers, including colorectal cancer. It also increases the risk of diseases such as stroke, heart disease, and emphysema. Quitting smoking will help in lowering the risks of many diseases.

•    Exercise – Being physically active will help to lower the risk of severe disease and provide a mental boost to the body. Taking about 30 minutes of cycling, gardening, brisk walking or dancing can help to beat most diseases.

"Those at increased risk of colorectal cancer such as family history should begin testing early and ensure to get regular tests," continued Dr. Echt. “Consult with your doctor about the right test for you.”

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