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Understanding the Benefits of Colonoscopies

Dr. Echt highlights the benefits of colonoscopies.

Decatur, TX – July 25, 2019 – Colonoscopy helps oncologists to visualize the whole bowel from the distal rectum to the cecum. It is a safe procedure that enables doctors to effectively evaluate the large bowel. A colonoscopy helps to screen and perform follow-ups on patients with colorectal cancer. The procedure produces clear images that assist doctors in planning the best treatment for each patient.

“Colonoscopy is an accurate examination that is used to identify and prevent colorectal cancer,” said Dr. Echt. “If done early, it can help doctors to remove the polyps to prevent the development of cancer and save more lives.”

Here are some of the benefits of colonoscopy:

Removal of polyps during the procedure – During a colonoscopy, identified polyps can be successfully removed. Since most colon cancers develop from polyps, any benign tumors have thepotential of becoming cancerous if they are left to grow. The doctor can remove all the suspicious polyps to prevent them from developing into cancer.

Colonoscopy helps to detect colon cancer – Colonoscopies are effective in helping with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of colon cancer. The procedure is very comprehensive and thorough.

Detecting bleeding lesions – Bleeding lesions can occur in various locations within the colon. Since a colonoscopy will examine the colon thoroughly from the rectum to the cecum, the doctor will be able to spot any bleeding lesions during the examination.

Diagnosis of colitis – Colonoscopies can help to diagnose colitis – a chronic inflammation of the colon. If the doctor identifies areas within the colon that have inflammation, treatment can be administered immediately.

Diagnosis of diverticulosis and diverticulitis – A colonoscopy can diagnose diverticulosis and diverticulitis. This is a condition where the pockets in the intestinal wall have been infected and are causing pain and discomfort. A colonoscopy helps the doctor to assess the extent and severity of the two conditions and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Colonoscopies are important in diagnosing colon cancer and other disorders related to the colon, rectum as well as the digestive system,” continued Dr. Echt. “It is recommended that screening begins at age 50, but those at high risk should consult with their health care providers."

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