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Understanding How Non-Small Scale Lung Cancer Is Staged

Dr. Gregory Echt explains the process of staging lung cancer.

Decatur, TX, Feb 26, 2019 – The staging of lung cancer helps to describe the location of the disease or where cancer has spread and whether the other parts of the body are affected. There are different staging systems for lung cancer because of the two different types of lung cancer namely the non-small cell lung cancer and small scale lung cancer. It is essential to know the stage of the lung cancer to help doctors in developing treatment plans that are effective and also evaluate the patient’s response to treatment.

The staging of lung cancer is done once or two times,” explained Dr. Echt. “The first staging (clinical staging) is a must and is carried out during diagnosis. Usually, clinical staging is completed before the commencement of treatment, and is based on the outcomes of various tests such as biopsies and imaging tests.”

Here’s how lung cancer is staged:

The TNM staging system uses numbers zero to four. A lower stage number shows that lung cancer is less advanced while a higher stage number shows how advanced the cancer is as shown below:

•    Stage 1 where the cancer is still small and localized.

•    Stage 2 when the cancer is about 7cm and still not able to affect the surrounding lymph nodes. The disease may also be bigger than 7cm and already spread to nearby tissues and not the lymph nodes.

•    Stage 3 where cancer has already spread to the lymph nodes. It may be contained in the lungs or spread to nearby areas.

•    Stage 4 is where the lung cancer has gone beyond the lung to other parts such as the brain, liver, and bones.

"The second staging, which is the pathologic staging helps to determine the stage of cancer," continued Dr. Echt. "If the disease is found to have spread, the oncology team will adjust the treatment accordingly."

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