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Understanding Breast Cancer Treatments

Dr. Juan Godinez explains how women can take control of their breast health. 

Decatur, TX – August 29, 2019 – Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women, and it comes in second after lung cancer. Breast cancer also affects men though the chances are much less. Earlier diagnosis of breast cancer provides a better treatment opportunity.

"Breast cancer is rapidly growing, and its treatment is sophisticated and enormously effective. There are different alternatives and life-changing surgeries used to fight breast cancer," explains Dr.Godinez. "One out of eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S., women making it important for them to take care of their breast health.”

How to care for your breast health: 

Regular checkups –You should seek breast cancer screening yearly during your lifetime. It is essential since it will help your doctor detect signs of the disease earlier and offer you the right treatment.  

Risk Evaluation – As part of your screening, ask your doctor to explain to you the risks of developing breast cancer. Some of the risks include family history and age. Never having children and having your child past thirty years of age are among the main dangers.  

Self-examination –Since you know your breast more than anyone, you can start monthly evaluations by yourself. If you recognize changes or lump development, report it to your doctor immediately. 

Mammogram – It is recommended at the age of thirty-five and regularly after forty years of age. A baseline mammogram can, however, be recommended earlier depending on your family history of breast cancer.

"A qualitybreast cancer care center offers comprehensive breast cancer treatments along with patient care. Patients receive recommendations on how to take care of their health.”explains Dr.Godinez.

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North Texas Cancer Center at Wise, a division of Choice Cancer Care, is now operating as the Cancer Center at Wise Regional and is one of the most renowned cancer treatment centers in Texas. The center unites some of the best cancer doctors and surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Our expert team delivers superior cancer treatment in Texas, with the best results available.

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