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The Tests and Methods Used in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Sheilane Mabanta explains the various methods and tests used for diagnosing breast cancer.

Decatur, TX– Dec 28, 2018 – Breast cancer is mostly associated with women, but it also affects men. Early diagnosis of breast cancer offers chances for treatment options and increases the odds for cure significantly. The breast cancer treatments available today provide alternative options to invasive surgery. Breast cancer can be detected and cured early if the patient pays close attention to any changes in your breasts.

The early signs of breast cancer are often hidden within the breast tissues and may not be detected using the naked eye,” explained Dr. Mabanta. "You can only confirm whether or not the changes you experience in your breasts are cancerous or benign if you see your doctor for a diagnosis."

Here are the methods and tests for diagnosing breast cancer:

•    Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) – Women aged between 20 and 30 should go for clinical breast exams during their annual physical. Once irregularities are detected, ultrasound and mammogram will be done to clarify the irregularity.

•    Mammograms – They are the gold standard for early detection and screening for breast cancer. Recommendations for annual mammograms are for those from age 40 to 50. Mammograms are effective in detecting 90% of all breast cancers even without symptoms.

•    Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – Breast MRIs reveal detailed information of the breast, and they don't use compression. They can be used as complementary tests.

•    Elastography – Elastography is still investigational. It is a technology that images breast tissue to distinguish between cancerous and benign growths. It is effective in finding cancerous lumps without the need for a biopsy.

•    Pathology Testing – This involves Pap smear and breast biopsy. They are used to test fluids or tissue samples from the breast tumor respectively for breast cancer.

“After the test results for breast cancer are received, the doctor is now able to summarize the diagnosis,” continued Dr. Mabanta. “If found, your cancer will be staged by your oncologist and radiologist to determine the course of treatment appropriate for your cancer stage.”

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