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Taking Control of Breast Health

Dr. Sheilane Mabanta explains the various ways of taking full control of breast health.

Decatur, TX, Sep 24, 2018 – Breast cancer is a very invasive disease that affects both men and women. Knowing what to look for can help save many lives. Early diagnosis of breast cancer offers good opportunities for treatment and increased odds for a cure. The advances in treatment and screening have helped to improve the rates of survival for breast cancer.

“The awareness of breast cancer symptoms and the need for screenings can reduce the risk of the disease,” explained Dr. Mabanta. “Due to early detection mechanisms and personalized approach totreatment, breast cancer survival rates have tremendously increased.”

Since breast cancer is prevalent in women, it is imperative that they take charge of their breast health through:

•    Regular check-ups – Part of your ongoing healthcare should include a yearly visit to your doctor for a clinical breast examination.

•    Risk Evaluation – Talk to your doctor about the risks of developing breast cancer including family history, age, menstrual cycle, barrenness, and breast biopsies that identify cell abnormalities.

•    Self-Examinations – You can perform your own self-examination every month to identify any changes or developments of abnormalities or lumps and notify your doctor immediately.

•    Mammogram – It is recommended that you do a baseline mammogram starting at the age of thirty-five and yearly mammograms at forty. Earlier mammograms can be recommended following risk factors like family historyor any other risk factors.

"Choosing a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, drinking alcohol in moderation, and exercising regularly, are some of the factors that can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer," continued Dr. Mabanta. “Consult with your doctor to find better ways of minimizing these risks.”

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