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How Effective is Adjuvant Cancer Therapy?

Dr. Gregory Echt discusses the determinants for effective adjuvant cancer therapy 

Decatur, TX – September 29, 2019, Adjuvant cancer therapy is mostly administered after primary treatments such as surgery to prevent cancer from coming back.  Even though the surgery was successful at removing the visible tumor, microscopic bits of cancer may remain and are undetectable with the current methods.

“Neo adjuvant therapy, an adjuvant cancer therapy administered before the main treatment can also decrease the chances of cancer coming back, and mostly, it is used to initiate the primary treatment (such as an operation or radiation treatment easier) more effectively and easier,” says Dr. Echt.

With adjuvant therapy treatment it is always essential to figure out the risks of adjuvant therapy over its benefits. Here are factors that can help the doctor determine if the adjuvant treatment is appropriate for the patient: 

  • The type of cancer: Adjuvant therapy works best on certain types of cancer, such as breast and colon cancer. For some examples, it might not work effectively.
  • The number of lymph nodes: When more lymph nodes are involved, it increases the chances that cancer cells may be left behind untreated.
  • The cancer stage: If the cancer is at the early stages, then the chances of cancer coming back after surgery are rare. Adjuvant therapy may offer a little benefit in this case. However, adjuvant therapy may not work when the cancer is at late stages because it may spread to nearby lymph nodes.
  • Receptivity of hormones: Adjuvant therapy may not be sufficient in cases where the patient's tumor is hormonally insensitive.

“Adjuvant therapy comes in two ways – systematic adjuvant cancer therapy and local adjuvant cancer therapy,” Says Dr. Echt. "Local adjuvant cancer therapy targets the cancer cells left behind in a tumor location following removal of the tumor itself. On the other hand, systematic adjuvant therapy is administered on the whole patients' body – such as with hormone therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of both treatments."

The patients’ physician works with them to determine which kind of adjuvant cancer therapy should be administered, that is either local or systematic.

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