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Caring for Cancer Patients at Home

Dr. Kancharlasheds light on tips caring for cancer patients while at home to help with their healing process.

Decatur, TX – Jan 23, 2019 - Cancer is one of the world’s deadliest diseases. Most cancer patients live at home during treatment, and it is crucial to understand the physical and mental conditions they are facing. Spiritual therapy is only successful when a patient’s close friends and family provide the emotional support their loved one needs.

“Home care to cancer patients can be administered by nurses, doctors, or family members,” said Dr. Kancharla. “Those intending to hire an expert to take care of their cancer patients at home should consult their doctors first before taking this step.”

The following are some important tips about home care for cancer patients that everyone should know:

•    Knowing details about the patient- Those taking care of cancer patients should learn about the patient by asking the doctor about their specific needs such as the types of food that are best during their treatment.
•    Hiring a healthcare agency – If one is financially able, they may consider hiring a healthcare agency or independent healthcare providers to offer homecare services for their loved ones.
•    Insurance policies –Some insurance policies provide benefits such as special home care service for those with chronic illnesses.

“In some countries, the government intervenes to ensure cancer patients are given the best treatment and home care services through different support programs such as Medicare,” says Dr. Kancharla.

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