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Ayojide Buremoh

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Available Online And Offline Solutions And Services

Get contemporary web content development solutions, agribusiness, online advertising, internet marketing, professional blogging, consultancy services and training for individuals, Businesses, Schools. Solution ideas for your startup business to enhance and increase productivity, profitability and reduce expenditure costs. 

 Marketing here, is backed with expertise in the various aspects of web development, including design, content management and search engine optimization. I know places in and out of the Web, studied and evolved with some of today’s top blogs and tips in various niches. Advertising,sales and marketing for blogs will help boost your popularity leading to improved traffic and higher quality readership. Even better, I will help setup  a dependable, trustworthy source of discussion and information blog or website for your particular field of interest. An outline of  other services offered at various prices include:

1. Software as a service consultancy and Solutions (SAAS)– There are so many Internet softwares and blogging packages around. We will optimize your installation, including extensions used. Computer Software Solutions, Information Marketing, Appreciation and Hardware Repairs.
2. Websites and Blog reviews – We have worked on several and well-known blog review sites,  and we can check your blog up for objective (usually constructive and positive) reviews,  which will drive quality traffic onto your blogs.
3. Directory submissions – We have access to a wide array of automated and  manual submission sites, Over 1,000 directories both free and  subscription-based. These will help boost the visibility of your site and blogs,it will  also enhance the inbound linkages, thereby boosting your search engine ranking.

4. Syndication – We work and blog using some article syndication sites, on which we can re-publish portions of your existing blog articles automatically via site feeds. We will also submit your site for inclusion in other article syndicators. This is for added publicity and enhanced inbound links.
5. Content consultancy – Content is king! The primary motivation for readers to bookmark your site and keep returning is interesting content.
We can analyze the different aspects of your blog’s content and help you improve, also we enhance the organization of your site appearance.
6. Design consultancy – Good content can only be as good as a reader can read and understand it. Hence with good content should come good design. We will help improve your blog design-wise, and this includes usability, functionality, and readability.
7. Link exchange and affiliate links – The strength of today’s publisher programs is that bloggers and webmasters are able to display affiliate and contextual links. We will harness these new trends in spreading the word about your blog, hence improving traffic and quality readership.
8. Search engine optimization – A lot of the traffic on most blogs comes from the search engines, and it pays to optimize your blog such that it would come out on top or on front page in search engine results for your desired keywords. Much of the above-mentioned services already comprise good SEO, that we can do.
9. Effective and Efficient Internet Marketing.
Online Ads Business, Contract Advertising. (Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest exposure, Pay per click and more).


SEO optimization and Development(Making your site/blog rank well in Google and other search engines) Social Media Promotion and Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Apsense IBOTOOLBOX ....etc....)

11.  Blogging (custom domain name, template development, etc..)

12. Web and Infotech consulting. 

13. Agribusiness and Investment Consultation.

14. Web Dynamics and Business developer.
15. Investments And Trading Advisor. Online Entrepreneurship, Sales and marketing and Gateway Web Payment Solutions and skills. Contact me for more.  Have a nice day.  

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