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Video Conferencing

Move over Zoom – Live & Hangouts

 Online video conferencing has been around a lot longer than I imagined, but found through Goggle the idea dates back to the 1800 century

But since it was extremely expensive, but since Zoom has become so popular, Google decided to offer their premium video meetings, is now free for everyone.

 Having re-engineered their service they also built it for secure business meetings, now are promoting Google Meet as the new alternative to other video conferencing services 


Quoting users will be able to host meetings with up to 1oo people on a single meeting

Which is generous of them, but new users might feel uncomfortable with that many others

I feel it would make meetings impractical and cumbersome

 As yet I have not noticed anyone jumping at this unexpected opportunity, those who made use of Hangouts maybe the first to use this system, as they are already used to a number of other users being present within the Hangout


The new “Meet” video meeting will also have the record feature as Hangout did, but also include text comments 

Other people who may be looking at “Meet” video conferencing, could be entrepreneurs and small business and website owners 

Looking to reach more people and increase their online presence

“Meet” could also provide a useful educational platform, during this present virus situation

Google said it may limit the time length to 60 minutes later on in July, but at the moment they seem to be offering unlimited time

We will have to wait and see how well this works out, judged by the number of new users and just how many meetings are produced

What do IBO members think, would “Meet” be something they would be interested in? 

If so, what use would they put it too?

Press Release comments:

Thank you Tom for commenting and for updating me on my Featured Memeber dayGraham Commander

This is a useful update Graham, interesting content for marketers to evaluate. You are also Featured Member today (22nd May), an award you well deserve. So, well done on both scores, enjoy a fun and productive time!Tom Riach

Thank you Dennis for your honest comment on using Meet, I appreciate your inputGraham Commander

Although Google meet is free at this point. I find very little value in it. In my case though I have been paying for Zoom for almost a year, and have been using Skype off and on since 2011. Skype pretty much daily since 2017. I did use Google hangouts years ago. At the time it served it's function.

In my case I will soon be moving to an enhanced Zoom with functionality way beyond what anyone is offering at this point in time. Things like the ability to send an email to everyone in the meeting while it is live. An ability for people to buy while they are in the meeting and the ability to live chat where everyone in the meeting can see it without opening anything.
Dennis Thorgesen