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Graham Commander

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How Much Are You Worth?

A simple enough question you may think, as when you are employed your boss or owner decides your worth in wages

Mostly at an hourly rate, depending on what you do for a living or sometimes where you work

As if your job involves being isolated on something like working on an oilrig for several months, then you well may earn much more money due to the danger element

Whereas shop assistants work in far safer environment as due office workers, but the wages will vary with both of these jobs

Where the question on the title comes into play, is when you are forced to leave your job or chose to work for yourself

This is when you need to begin thinking how much you are worth, especially if intending to start your own online business

Setting financial goals are a must along with planning for ongoing expenses, including your own wages (your worth)

All of this means you will need a large enough amount of money to get you started, but also extra for unexpected expenses

Which may mean applying for a loan, which along with interest will have to be allowed for within expenses

I understand that many who begin this kind of venture, may find that paying themselves ends at a long line of payments, and it may well be they receive very little money

At least to begin with, as well as working more hours than when you were employed

But there is a way to work for yourself, But Not on your own, check out the for more information

Press Release comments:

You are Featured Member today Graham ... and well worth it! It's not really possible to measure your wealth in monetary terms of course, all of us are worth far more than mere cash. I let others determine their perception of my worth in how they treat me. Those prepared to respect my value always pay me very well indeed. Enjoy your day! Tom Riach

Excellent PR; thanks Graham for sharing with us - Congrats - Enjoy your day in the IBO spotlight, as FMOTD - blessings and happy Friday!Dorothy Allen

Thank you to both Dennis and Francis for commenting on my "How Much Are You Worth? press releaseGraham Commander

In every job or business you are trading time for currency. If you are an employee your employer determines your worth to them. When you run your own business you decide your own worth. Dennis Thorgesen

Yeah, the great piece about working on the Internet is that you can substitute ambition for startup costs. There always will be some costs, but ambition and hard work always will trump even investing a lot of money in startup affiliate courses, and other costs, that can be set aside as you commit and apply yourself.Francis Cassady