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Creative Imagination, Curse or a Blessing?

One of the distinctive features of humans is their creativity, by the use of their imagination they are able to create great literature or to compose moving compositions that inspire and uplift our spirits

Not forgetting those magnificent works of art, timeless masterpieces that live on our lives long after the artist who produced them past away

With such a wonderful gift of creativity, it is sad that there have been those who chose to create weapons of destruction and used their imagination stir emotions of envy and hate    

Creating ugliness instead of beauty - wonder and joy

Even the great artist and composers must have struggled with their creative nature, for some became tormented by the very passion that drove them onto greatness

While others succumbed to their emotions and allowed their imagination to conjure up demanding personal demons that soon ruled over their lives

Twisting what should have been a joyful experience of love, into a hopeless empty bitter tasting pill to swallow, with such power over then they abruptly ended their life

For they could not bear such torment, and many lived in poverty only to become famous after their death – sadly never knowing the fame and fortune that might have been theirs

Vincent Van Gogh was such an artist, although he didn’t intend to become an artist, he originally went into the life of a clergy.

Several years later he became a creative artist, but sadly remained poor, only reaching the lofty status of famous artist after his death

Press Release comments:

Inventors are creators as well. It takes more effort and many failures to create an invention, which has value to its audience. We only hear about the ones who change the world, not the people who just make things better. Dennis Thorgesen

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