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Graham Commander

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Content is Still King!

Google has always been in favour of content especially original works, of course in the past content was just written articles

Which may seem like agent history in these instant fast pace days, where videos rule supreme

Leaving little if any space for the written word, apart from diehards like myself who still enjoy producing written articles, who reluctantly attempt to produce videos instead

With this in my mind I searched my pc for Moviemaker which used to come with Windows, that is until Windows 10

It turned Moviemaker was officially no longer available, there is a basic video editor on Windows 10, but it only produced slide shows

I decided to first search online to see if I could download for Moviemaker, after finding this was no longer possible, I looked for alternatives

After sometime video editors began to appear for sale through adverts, the more recent ones claiming to be far more than a video editor, after being tempted I bought some to test out

On the whole I have been disappointed with the results, one of the first I tested out looked promising, offering female presenters to introduce your video

While all that was required was to copy and paste text into the online software, and choose background music

Well the idea was good but I found the process lacked any control over the finished video

The introduction was fair, but the music distracted from rather than complimented the rest of the video, as for the text it was disappointingly clumped all together, and not split up into sentences

Moving swiftly onto another more recent online video producing software, which feature the ability to insert any URL into the software which would then find all the images and split up the words

This sounded more promising, but once again the results were not as impressive as suggested

Editing the text was required before moving onto producing the video, I had to insert bracketed word, in order to provide spaces, which was time consuming and so was the need to replace image that didn’t apply to the content or were duplicated

In fact, this software just produced yet again a slide show! Not what I wanted

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Excellent post, very informative; thanks Graham for sharing with us ~ blessings and much prosperity in all your endeavors!Velma Joseph